We are a comprehensive RF technologies solutions provider. We have most modern EDA 3D software and hardware like vector network analysers, microwave signal generators, spectrum analyzers, power meters and easy reconfigurable passive intermodulation measurement set PIM for GSM, DSC and UMTS bands.

We are very flexible in cooperation.

Our staff

Kadra Our staff consists of experienced engineers emphasizing innovative and optimal solutions. Theoretical knowledge, gained on Microwave and Antenna Engineering Department of Gdansk University of Technology, is transferred into practical activity leading to finishing of succeeding projects which broadens their more than 10-year work experience in highly specialized electronics.

History of WiRan

History of "Microwaves Solution sp. z o. o.", as was our initial name, reaches 2002. Initially we cooperated with US company MicroLab FXR in design and prototyping and production of diplexers, triplexers and power dividers. In 2004-2006 we started cooperation with European companies, like: Spinner GmbH (Germany) in tuning and testing high power broadcast TV filters; Avitec AB (Sweden) in tuning, testing and repairing of repeaters and production of directional couplers and power dividers; we continued cooperation with MicroLab and another US company R&D Microwaves in diplexer design and production of diplexers and directional couplers. In 2005 we changed name to “Pro Microwave sp. z o. o.”, and our major owner became Spinner GmbH. From July 2006 we were “Spinner Polska sp. z o. o.”, design office of our owner Spinner GmbH. Since July 2010 we are independent company exclusively with polish capital. We still enlarge our experience in design, evaluation, prototyping and running "zero series" of various microwave devices. For six years we are a well-established importer of microwave components from the U.S., EU countries and the reliable manufacturers from China and Korea as well as the Test Laboratory of microwave components and dedicated RF systems.